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Don Giovanni

Sunday, November 11, 2012 2:00PM
Power Center

Tickets are currently on sale for subscribers and donors only.
Individual tickets will go on sale at 10am on August 21st.
For more information on becoming a subscriber or donor,
contact our ticket office at (734) 764-2538

Music by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Libretto by Lorenzo da Ponte Sung in Italian with projected English translations.

The Story: Based on the story of the libertine Don Juan, the opera tells the tale of Don Giovanni, a reckless philanderer who seduces women (more than 1000 according to his carefully detailed catalog) in total disregard for civil and divine authority. But in the wake of a life lived to excess, his day of reckoning finally approaches. Caught in the act of seducing the Commendatore’s daughter Donna Anna, Giovanni accidentally kills the Commendatore when he comes to defend his daughter’s honor. After more misdeeds and attempted seductions, Giovanni finds himself pursued by those he has wronged. Hiding in a churchyard, he unexpectedly meets the specter of the Commendatore in the form of a statue. Still unabashedly defiant, Giovanni invites the statue to supper, only to discover the irrevocable consequences for his dissolute actions as the statue exacts his revenge.

Background: From the commanding opening chords of the overture, through brilliant arias and ensembles, to the shattering music of Giovanni’s damnation, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart displayed his highest operatic genius in this musical version of the Don Juan myth. Stunning orchestral composition supports the blending of stark tragedy and high comedy that was innovative at the opera’s premiere in 1787. George Bernard Shaw considered Don Giovanni to be the greatest opera ever composed: “...eminent in virtue of its uncommon share of wisdom, beauty, and humor.” Fusing melodies of exquisite beauty with comedy and dark rumblings of eternal damnation, Don Giovanni continues to captivate along with its engimatic leading man.

Directed by Robert Swedberg, University Opera Theatre
Conducted by Christopher Lees, University Symphony Orchestra

Donna Anna - Catherine O’Rourke
Donna Elvira - Antonina Chekhovskaya
Zerlina - Leann Scheuring
Don Ottavio - Jonas Hacker
Don Giovanni - Jonathan Lasch
Leporello - Isaac Droscha
Masetto - Jonny Schechner
Commendatore - Nicholas Davis

Donna Anna - Olivia Betzen
Donna Elvira - Katherine Sanford
Zerlina - Imani Mchunu
Don Ottavio - Nick Nestorak
Don Giovanni - Juan Pereira
Leporello - Ben Sieverding
Masetto - Paul Grosvenor
Commendatore - Ronald Perkins, Jr.

Reserved Seating $26 & $20 Students $10 with ID

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